Who could be our potential client?

Who could be our potential client?

Who could be our potential client? The answer is very simple - you! We already practically know each other. I will share information with whom we worked and our impressions of working together.

My team worked with two television studios in New York, it was a very interesting experience, and we continue to implement their new ideas in creating a pleasant atmosphere in the office and studio. 

The muse had many of them and they were different, each with their own needs and requirements for details. Seeing how the exhibition halls are created is an invaluable experience for us. 

Schools are a special love; seeing the eyes of children and teachers who notice how their beloved school is being transformed is worth a lot. Small shops, pharmacies, leasing and insurance companies - let us understand how important our work is in the development of their business. Airports - we saw airport life from a different perspective and are proud to have worked there.

I would especially like to mention the events. 

Exhibition of wedding dresses, Formula 1, weddings, anniversaries, exhibition of artists, NFT presentation, series premiere, presentation of a new product line, design of show programs. For us, these are vivid impressions and amazing acquaintances.